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All-Candidates Meeting hosted by the New Hamburg Board of Trade

Date: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
Time: 7:30PM-9:00M
Location: New Hamburg Community Centre, 251 Jacob Street, New Hamburg
Moderator: Steve Funk
Time-keeper: John Papa


1)    Each of the four Kitchener Conestoga riding candidates will be given three minutes of uninterrupted time for opening statements. The order of statements will be determined by random draw.

2)    Question period Part 1:

  • The moderator will ask four questions – One to each of the four candidates.  The responding candidate will receive up to 2 minutes to respond and each of the other candidates will have 1 minute to follow up with their own response.

3)    Question Period Part 2:

  • Questions for the Mayoral candidates can be posed by the participating audience either verbally or in the form of a written question. 
  • Verbal questions are to be limited to 30 seconds in length and participants will be asked to use the microphone provided and state their name.
  • Written questions will include a legible signature.
  • Questions may also be presented by emailing twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting.
  • Questions should be open and directed to all four of the mayoral candidates.  The moderator reserves the right to modify verbal questions if required so all candidates may respond.
  • Candidates will receive 1 minute to respond to a question.

4)    At the conclusion of the question period (approximately 8:45PM) the candidates will receive two minutes to make a closing statement. Statements will be made in reverse order of the opening statements, as determined by random draw.

5)    Set up – There will be a table at centre stage at the community centre with four spaces.  The seating arrangement will be decided by random draw and each candidate will have their own microphone.  The moderator will occupy a table at stage right. To the right of the stage their will be a time keeper’s table. Bottled water will be provided.

6)    Candidates are requested to meet with the moderator in the ground floor office of the community centre at 7:00PM prior to the public meeting.

For more information, contact Steven Wagler (519)662-1644;