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Opposing Highway 7&8


New Hamburg Board of Trade's letter to the MoT's consultants »
"Mr. Organ & Ms. Jamieson,
"As a group of independent business owners in New Hamburg, Baden, and the surrounding area affected by the proposed changes to Highway 7 & 8, we would like to express our comments and concerns regarding the proposed plans. The scope of this letter will address the section of highway from the intersection of Regional Road 51 (Foundry St./Wilmot Centre Road) to Regional Road 1 (Perth Line)."
Monday 29 October, 2012


Support from the New Hamburg Board of Trade and local businesses »
"To the members of the New Hamburg Board of Trade and area business owners:
On behalf of our group of independent business owners/residents in the New Hamburg and Baden area, please find attached a letter with objectives, comments, and concerns regarding plans for the Highway 7 & 8 Corridor in the New Hamburg/Baden area between Regional Road 51 (Foundry St./Wilmot Centre Road) and Regional Road 1 (Perth Line)..."
Monday 29 October, 2012


People of Shakespeare must oppose MTO’s plan »
Have you driven through Shakespeare lately? If so, you’ve spotted the yellow tape across buildings and front yards, huge Xs on trees, signs reading, “Gone”. These all mark village features that would be destroyed if Highway 7/8 is “improved”.
Wednesday 19 August, 2009


Public meeting to review latest Highway 7/8 plan »
From The Waterloo Record, July 21, 2009:

"Highway planners are hosting a public consultation centre Wednesday to consider the latest plan to expand Highway 7/8 between New Hamburg and Stratford."


The gap in usually good political service »
Board of Trade President, Paul Knowles, in The New Hamburg Independent, April 1, 2009:

"The current situation – where the region sits silent when New Hamburg homes are flooded or the town seeks a champion against highway route mutilation – is serving us very badly, indeed."


MTO meets with business owners »
From The New Hamburg Independent, March 25, 2009:

"Local businesses had a chance to express their concerns to representatives from the Ministry of Transportation and the consultant involved in the proposed changes to Highway 7/8. Board of Trade president Paul Knowles, along with MTO project manager Charles Organ and project consultant Brenda Jamieson, spoke with about 18 different businesses on Monday. Dave Mackay, of Mackay’s nofrills, told the visitors he wants traffic to stay in the corridor and not move to a proposed bypass, or he and others could see business weaken. The meetings were organized by the Board of Trade."


Merchants grill MTO over plans for highway corridor »
From The New Hamburg Independent, March 4, 2009:

"Concern about the Ministry of Transportation’s short list of options for improvements, or a potential bypass of the Highway 7/8 corridor brought a flood of questions from member merchants at the New Hamburg Board of Trade meeting last week."


Board of Trade delegation meets with Ontario Minister of Transportation »
Members of the New Hamburg Board of Trade, representing the businesspeople and residents of New Hamburg, meet with The Honourable Jim Bradley (at left) concerning the Highway 7&8 Corridor Study (Kitchener to Stratford) being carried out under the aegis of the Ministry of Transportation.

February 22, 2009


Highway 7 & 8 Corridor consultants' contact details »


Township staff to meet with MTO this week over highway project options »
Local farmers demand drainage concerns be addressed along corridor

From The New Hamburg Independent, February 4, 2009:

"Wilmot Township will be on the offensive this week when planning staff meet with Ministry of Transportation officials to discuss its proposed options for highway corridor improvements in and around New Hamburg. Plans presented to township council last week showing a possible bypass of New Hamburg or plans to build cloverleaf interchanges through town are part of the ministry's long-term strategy to rebuild the four-lane corridor between here and Stratford."


South bypass of New Hamburg, or cloverleaf interchanges for highway »
Township doesn’t support long-term alternatives presented by MTO

From The New Hamburg Independent, January 28, 2009:

"The Ministry of Transportation has narrowed its focus to two options for long-term Highway 7/8 corridor improvements through New Hamburg, one of which could still see the realignment of the highway to a south by-pass impacting woodlots, farms and a wetland north of Haysville."


Highway bypass still being considered »
From The New Hamburg Independent, December 3, 2008:

"Despite public outcry against a bypass, a proposal to reroute Highway 7/8 around New Hamburg remains on the table."


Opposing the Bypass: Consultation has been scheduled »
Friday 21 November, 2008

Details from Leeanna Pendergast, our local MPP


Farmers in path of potential highway bypass refusing to respond to MTO survey »
Local MPP gets involved in petitions

From The New Hamburg Independent, August 20, 2008:

"A number of farmers who own land in the potential Highway 7/8 bypass areas have received questionnaires from a consulting agency contracted by the province...

"A group of farmers from Perth East, North Easthope and Wilmot have banded together to protest any plans of a Highway 7/8 bypass.

"The reason the group has decided not to return the surveys is to insist a member of the consulting team comes to each farm to speak with farmers."


Wilmot rallies against by-pass proposal »
Local MPP gets involved in petitions

From The New Hamburg Independent, August 13, 2008:

"The community is banding together to tell the Ministry of Transportation that Wilmot does not want a by-pass...

"Kitchener-Conestogo MPP Leeanna Pendergast... was in the area trying to get a feel for how the land will be impacted and to talk to as many people who will be affected as possible.

"'The first I saw of the documents was from (Board of Trade president) Paul Knowles,' she said, referring to the proposals by the MTO to change the structure of the highway."


Opposing the Bypass »
Thursday 31 July, 2008


Businesses take action against proposed Highway 7/8 by-pass »
Board of Trade circulates petition

From The New Hamburg Independent, July 30, 2008:

"The New Hamburg Board of Trade has taken up arms against a possible by-pass of Highway 7/8 around New Hamburg. Board of Trade president Paul Knowles is urging community members to sign a petition which he said will be forwarded through the government by Kitchener-Conestogo MPP Leeanna Pendergast."