New Hamburg Board of Trade Podcast

Dr. Howard Dolman joins us today on the Board of Trade Podcast to discuss vision therapy, eye health, and the importance of good sunglasses! 



Dr. Laurie Sellers joins the New Hamburg Board of Trade podcast to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic including vaccines. 


Thanks for joining us, Dr. Sellers!



Episode three this week features Katherine Delves from CIBC in New Hamburg. Katherine is also a member of the Board of Trade executive! Katherine discusses what has changed in banking. Thanks again, Katherine!



Episode number two of the New Hamburg board of trade welcomes Dave Bender of BW Feed & Seed! Dave is here to talk about the future plans of the mill in downtown New Hamburg and the current state of agriculture! Thank you so much for taking the time to join us, Dave! 


The first episode of the New Hamburg Board of Trade Podcast hosted with Gina Ruttan & Richard Zehr welcomes current president, Lyle Cressman, to introduce the podcast and discuss what the Board of Trade has done in the past and is working towards in the future.