Form Up Time & Parade Position: As Assigned by Parade Official

  1. All entries are by invitation and/or application and must be approved by the Parade Committee.
  2. All entrants must ensure their entry’s design and operation is safe and reliable.
  3. The Parade is not to be used as a forum for protests or demonstrations of any kind. Violators will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Parade.
  4. Location of all entries in the Parade is determined by the Parade committee and the entry MUST maintain that position throughout the Parade unless otherwise directed.
  5. All entries must be in position by time designated by Parade Officials on Parade Day.
  6. No rollerblades or skateboards will be allowed in the Parade.
  7. No dogs can be walked in the Parade unless pre-approved by the Committee.
  8. All walkers with an entry must walk beside the float and be dressed appropriately.
  9. Any entry that slows the Parade may be withdrawn anywhere along the Parade route.
  10. All vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and properly serviced prior to the Parade, particularly cooling and exhausted systems, brakes, steering and tires.
  11. Equestrian units must provide their own clean up units.
  12. All decorative materials must be fire retardant.
  13. Bicycle riders must wear helmets.
  14. For safety reasons personnel shall not mount or dismount from floats unless the entry has come to a complete stop.
  15. Parade Officials and Parade Marshals reserve the right to remove any entry at any time, whether as a result of concern for safety, or interference with the Parade’s progress.
  16. Throwing of candy or other items from a float is strictly prohibited.
  17. All instructions of Parade Marshals and Officials must be obeyed.